The Forever Empty

“This is where I have always been coming to since my time began. And when I go away from here this will be the midpoint to which everything ran before and from which everything will run.”

Time. One of humankind’s magical creations, which sustains the world and impacts every human person on this planet. If you think about it, time is nothing concrete, or rather, nothing tangible. We can’t pick up some time in the corner store or clean up time back at home. It is a thing that exists and dictates how we order our days, how we live our lives, and how we count our years rotating around the sun.

Time, or to be more specific, timing, is the topic of this post. I met someone almost ten years ago and sat in the same room as her for two years yet we haven’t really been friends until last summer when out of the blue we found ourselves in the same city with the same desire to meet up one evening for a post-college reunion. And now I wonder where she has been all my life and how I can connect so effortlessly to another person all of a sudden when I have known her, seen her Facebook posts, and attended house parties in university days nearly a decade of time ago. To be honest, if we hung out back then we probably wouldn’t have been too close of friends and might have gone through experiences we weren’t yet mature enough, smart enough, or wise enough to battle together and like other friendships/relationships, we might have fallen apart.

So I am certain that we were meant to meet again and meant to rediscover each other at a time in our lives when we were ready for each other. I have difficulty keeping ahold of people after I leave the cities and countries we both reside in. Yet, I have been able to keep ahold of her and talk to her with ease, pleasure, and effortless weekly updates regularly with only a few missed days in between.

I can see her and me in our sixties in random parks around the world drinking out of flasks, finding cheap books in dusty used book stores, and talking about the most mundane things. I can also see us sitting on our own sofas in our own lives with our own families not talking at all but understanding and knowing everything that needs to be said through the unspoken spaces.


The power of time stands to this day the most important part of a relationship. Man plus woman plus time. Those are the three components to meeting your best friend or to meeting your forever human. The beauty of time.

I met another one of my good friends in an untimed moment of randomness a few weeks into my first few months in the United Kingdom. He asked me for directions to a bathroom and I directed him to a nearest space possible and in the next 7 days we shared the same shopping centre space, a cold narrow corridor and uttered not more than a few mere words in between. But then for some reason,  somehow, Time decided we should be friends and we became just that; daily correspondents where I learned a lot about social media an dhe learned a lot about those who knew nothing about social media. Time. I feel like it was the perfect point in my life to meet someone to remind me about my the possibilities of youth, the loopholes to rules, and the beauty of ageless friendship.

There are a lot of people, tons of strangers, short-term transient companions that I have met in my life that I cherish in the time they’re around and continue to love when I see them no matter how many years pass, but there are some souls that I have met that cut into me.

Someone told me once that there are two people in this world: there are people that drain you; and they’re people that energize you. I have friends who I would leap over a scolding hot volcano for but each time the send me a message I find myself sighing and taking days to respond because the interaction drains me; it takes from me my essence of happiness. Then there are people that can singularly, momentarily, and effortlessly  bring a smile to my face just to see an email, a snap, or a message pop up. They elate me and they are the people I want to keep around, keep in my life.Its as simple as that.

I see Jenny and I as forever friends until the end of the written word.

I see Selwyn and I as forever friends until the end of the infinite abyss.

For right now, for this moment, and throughout this time, Im grateful.

I’m super happy. Or at least, for this time…I think I am.





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